Access to a Dirty Mind by Ananda Reagan

Im on my knees in front of u and im all dressed up just the way u like..8” stilettos, sheer nylons with the back seams, black thong, black garterbelt, black french cut pushup bra and my favorite blonde curly wig, hot red lipstick with matching gloss that makes my lips look like their sole purpose in this world is for sucking can see i have that look in my eyes that just begs to be your lil cockwhore..i know this because it comes naturally for a sexy lil slut like me, i love being a slut for cock because cock is simply my most favorite treasure in all the i crawl over to you and kneel right at your feet and i feel a slight calm come over me because i know this is my place in life, im a natural born submissive i run my hands up your legs from the knees to the thighs, around back to feel your hard muscular ass then up to your toned back and back around to your yummy rock hard 8pack abs..i grasp the bottom of your shirt and rise up and lift it up over your head and remove this piece of cotton that blocks my pretty eyes from seeing your beautiful manly body, and once its off i cant help but run my hands over it some more..the stark contrast between us is so amazing me all sexy vixen and you all hunk i love it just adds to it knowing that im the woman in this situation ready to serve my man’s needs any way i i turn back around bc i just have to feel that awesome bulge youre sporting in the crack of my ass so to the tune of who’s your daddy, in my head i start so grind on this point im incredibly turned on i can feel you flexing your cock against my ass through your jeans and it turns me on so much know that ive gotten you hard already without even touching your magnificent now that i have you right where i want you you decide u want me to start doing what i crave so bad right now and thats when i feel your hands on my shoulders pushing me down, i take the hint and drop to my knees turning around as i do so im facing this great bulge of shrouded cock before me..i unbutton your pants and slip my fingers in the waist band and slowly pull down your pants so that you can step out of the only thing between me and my delicous peter are your bad as i want your cock in my mouth right now(which is equivalent to a junkie wanting heroin while detoxing) i want to tease you just a bit i run my nails along your skin and i start to run my tongue along your hot hard shaft and again i can feel it pulse as i slide my tongue from the tip to base pausing only to give is soft bites and kisses but enough is enough i need to feel it in my hands so without further adu, i pull down those pesky drawers and then its out and snaps up as it breaks free of the waist band..standing tall and proud is your big fat thick juicy perfect cock as always the look of pure wonder, amazement and happiness comes over my face when my eyes feast upon your dick..its the same look a child gets when they open there christmas present and see that santa got them exactly what they asked for(pure bliss) all smiles from ear to ear..i grasp it lightly with my hands, god theres nothing like quite like the way a cock feels in my fingers bc its so hard and throbbing but at the same time the skin is soft which tells me that this monster must be ravaged by my mouth but must also be handled with great i run my fingers over it before gripping it lightly around the head and softly stroking it rubbing my thumb over the tip, my gentle strokes i see can caused a lil precum to ooze from the tip of your cock i very quickly open my mouth and use the tipof my tongue to lick up your slit and capture this delicous appetizer in my wanton mouth..once in, OMG its simply delicous and the taste of it has my little clitty just throbbing and the taste of your precum in my mouth makes me realize now that i have to taste the delectable skin of your amazing i stick my tongue out being careful to maintain eye contact with u i touch my tongue to your big manly balls and lightly rub side to side on the bottom of your man marbles and smile because i know my greatest desire in life resides within these to scruptious now i take my tongue from the bottom on your jewels and start to slide up the from of your sack to the base of your cock up the shaft to head pausing so i can swirl my tongue around the bulbous head of your magnificent phalous..the i slide back down your shaft running my tongue along the side bcause i NEED to taste all of that perfect throbbing thick meat..down the leftside under and over to the right then i slide back up to the head, i can literally taste your masulinity as it radiates from your cock into my tongue and its a taste thats absolutely intoxicating to me the need and desire to have more of that feeling is simply overwhelming and when i get to the tip i open my mouth nice and wide smiling slightly as i know im finally about to bestow one of my greatest talents in life upon you and i lower my mouth down on your cock until i feel it hit the entrance to my throat and stop(i dont go any further because i want you to last a lil while longer so i can enjoy my duties as a natural born cocksucking sissy slut)(also at this moment im just enveloped with total lust because i TRUELY LOVE have a cock in my mouth, the taste the texture the heat the way i can feel your heart pulse through your cock all perculates together to form this awesome wave of euphoria that washes over me and makes me so very happy) i close my lips lightly and start to slide back up your shaft toward the head(when i get to head i cant help but smile because i can taste more of precum oozing from your slit so i greedily lick it up, again OMG thats SOOOO YUMMMY!!!!)i swirl my tongue around your tip again because i know this drives u wild then i open my mouth and slide back down, close my lips, and again rise back up then back down again and back up..i pause then stick my tongue out and lick your cock from the bottom of the tip down to the base then back i spit on your cock because i one i need a lil lube on it so i can stoke it to its full length and 2 becasue my mouth is salivating so bad its overflowing lol(GOD I JUST LOVE SUCKING COCK) i start to stoke you and i move my mouth down to your big hanging nuts and take one into my mouth and suck and lick it for all im worth and then pull it out making a slight popping noise as i do the repeat this process for the other one and then i again run my tongue from the base of your balls to the tip of your cock and place my lips around the head of your beautiful penis and begin to swirl my tongue around the head while also sucking and rubbingmy lips back and forth over the edge of your mushroom shaped head this of course as always makes your legs start to shake and go wobbly(my clitty throbs even more now because u are now finally starting to get to that stage of pure ecstacy which is what turns me on the most lol im such a pleaser) now its time to start really sucking cock..without warning i go from having your head tightly secured in the entrance of my mouth and i plunge deep all the way down on your cock until the head hits my throat and slides right past the entrance down into the dark recesses of my airway i know i have it all the way in once my nose is firmly planted against the bottom of your sexy 8-pack..and now with your cock firmly embedded deep in my throat i look up and you and start to try to swallow what cannot be swallowed not because i actually what to swallow your cock but because i know those throat muscles of mine are working wonders on your cock trying to milk out that utterly delicously scruptious man creme still held with your grande nuts..i pull back now to the head for some more swirling action and also to catch my breath(through my nose of course because theres no way in hell im removing this exquisite piece of flesh from my wanting mouth) then i finally feel you are ready to take control of the situation as i feel your hands on my head and you thrust your cock back down into my waiting and will throat..once buried back inside me i feel you flex your cock in my throat as i once again try to swallow your cock whole in my throat and then you start to fuck my throat pulling back about 4 inches or so(not far enough for my airway to be unblocked but just far enough for you to get some good thrusts in) and then pump it back in this goes on for about a minute and as the world starts to go black and the spots on my eyes get bigger and the world begins to fade away to the sound of your grunts you pull back so that only the head is still within my filthy wet mouth and i immeadiatly start to swirl my head around the head of your cock moaning as i do now bc im totally lost in lust..all reminants of my masulinity are now completely erased all i am at this moment is a filthy cocksucking sissygurl slut and pleasing this cock is my only mission in life(and i know that when i accomplish my mission i will be rewarded with the most savory titillating of nectars in all the universe)so now you grab your cock and push it so the head is pushing against the corner of my mouth and when it comes out it makes that familiar popping sound that we both love but when its removed i start to wine and beg you to put it back in my needing mouth so you do and i suck very hard on it and you again pull my mouthwatering treat from my mouth again to hear that popping sound again and then u grab my head with both hands and tell me to open wide..i do and stickmy tongue out and ready myself for the skullfucking im about to get..again total glee falls over my face as you ram that rod back into my fuckhole lots of gaging and spit start to fly around as you visously assault my mouth and continue this for a few minutes until i feel your legs start to tense up and your cock starts to swell(OMG this is it FINALLY the moment ive been waiting for) you pull out just as the first rope of that gooey heavenly cum shoots out and hits my cheek and before another one can shoot out as quick as lightning stikes my mouth goes back on your cock and i start to milk that dick for every single drop i can get (because a great sissy never wastes cum, EVER)rope after rope of that thick wonderous substance fills my mouth(OMG!!!its just so scrumptious)and im sliding up and down your shaft with my lips locked tightly around so i dont spill even the tiniest drop and at the same time im squeesing your cock with my soft hand from the base and stroking up to the tip to milk out every last drop and after the 9th or 10th rope(i lose count because im in whore and my higher brain functions just arent accessible at the moment) he stops cumming and pulls his cock out of my mouth and squeeses the last of the cum from his cock and before i can reach my mouth to capture this drop he slaps me in the face with his cock and mushroom stamps me properly a few times before using his cock to wipe the cum that hit my cheek into my i get to play with my food because i know this excites you even more so i gargle all this delicous gooey creme and blow bubbles and swirl my tongue around(while looking up at you and keeping my mouth open so you can see the cum in my mouth and gaze upon your total wanton slut) i pull a nice thick rope out and as it hangs from my finger tips i suck it back in(the same way one would a spagetti noodle) and then finally after ive now hadmy fill i close my mouth and swallow my treat the best meal a sissy could ever ask for(mmm mmm MMM!!!) then i look up and as innocent as possible i say “thankyou” with a big smile on my face “that was DE-LIC-OUS!!!, now im ready for some fucking, i hope your gonna tie me up and use me like the filthy whore that i am…”…..till next time Ananda Reagan………shout out to Tia Tizzianni, I LOVE WORKING WITH U!!!! and you can see the movies with have made together at

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